Oh, boo-friggin'-hoo!! Wall Street Democratic donors whining about threatening to abstain or back Trump if Elizabeth Warren is the nominee is more proof that we need her as the nominee. This further debunks the inane argument made by certain BOBers that Warren is a "corporate stooge". #SheHasAPlan #Warren2020 #TeamWarren #ElizabethWarren


@ben Honestly, it's failure of the K-12 system. Prejudiced parents can't be trusted to teach their kids right, so school should be implementing programs in their social studies classes to teach kids. Don't know how it is now, but I damn sure don't remember learning in school about prejudice at all.

@ben "She's one of the good ones". See this is just proof that people don't even understand what racism is.


@densetsu Wow, what a day we're having on both sides of The Pond. Boris and Trump both putting on shitshows.

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