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Ukpol, Darth Vader 

"Verhofstadt is Darth Vader. And this is his Death Star." Wow, British conservatives are dramatic


Unbelievable that an ass-kissing moron like this can be running for Congress:

Corey Lewandowski: The Mueller report was very clear. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction.

Alisyn Camerota: That's not what the Mueller report said, Corey.

Corey: It absolutely says that...

Alisyn: ... Did you read the Mueller report?

Corey: No, I never did

Wow. Da Bears finding new and creative ways to lose :bears: 🙄

That was going to be my post. But somehow they pull out a miracle with a healthy amount of luck. lol

Kirk Cousins 

Wow. Taking a real beating on twitter, just like Trubisky last week. I think we in the NFC North have to admit the Packers Defense is for real.

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