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I'm a software developer living in a haunted mansion in Chicago. I'm originally from Silicon Valley, a fact that I am both proud and ashamed of.

My pronouns are he/him/his; my website is; my musical taste is embarrassing.

Just followed a Pixelfed (@pixelfed) account from Mastodon. I am now sure I love the fediverse

My transit bot is live! Check out @ChicagoCTA for a flurry of transit alerts.

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If #Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C.

@Slackwise What is your preferred setup for ClojureScript development? Just curious as someone who loves Clojure(Script) but doesn't know the tooling well.

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'I Sold My Users' Privacy To a Larger Benefit. I Made a Choice and a Compromise. And I Live With That Every Day': WhatsApp Cofounder On Leaving Facebook

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#WorldWideWebnesday Rules:

+ blogposts
+ handcrafted HTML sites
+ old GeoCities pages
+ webrings
+ webzines

+ Medium/Tumblr posts
+ Toot/tweet threads
+ things published in formal publications (Slate, Times, Teen Vogue)
+ anything not archivable (eg, which must be accessed through a web app)
+ PDFs

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Just registered to donate monthly to the development of Mastodon!

@alex I noticed that the link to is messed up in the description in this paragraph:

"Boundless credit to our sister instances in Portland and Philadelphia for inspiration."

It links to ", which seems wrong. I assume there's an HTML mistake somewhere.

@cocoron sorry to @ you out of the blue, but I have a question.

If you had thousands of dollars to donate to climate change causes, how would you spend it? I'm pretty ignorant about what methods are effective and wondered if you might know more.

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Show more is a Mastodon instance for Chicagoans current, former, and future.1 Its name comes from Carl Sandburg, who once compared ships pulling out to “mastodons, arising from lethargic sleep.”2

Our goal for is to build a community of friends and neighbors across the Windy City. Toot your pho place recommendations, meet-up ideas (like at the mastodon exhibit at the Field!), pothole gripes, creative dibs, and cross-town baseball taunts—whatever you want, as long it abides by our short and sweet content policy.

For now, membership in is subject to approval. if you don’t have an invite or referral, email our admin with a Toot-length intro.3

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Boundless credit to our sister instances in Portland and Philadelphia for inspiration.

1. For the purpose of inclusivity, includes greater Chicagoland in its definition of "Chicago," though you personally should never do that.
2. From “Docks,” in Chicago Poems, 1916. Rejected URLs included noketchup.dogs,,, and
3. No more than 500 characters.