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I'm a software developer living in a haunted mansion in Chicago. I'm originally from Silicon Valley, a fact that I am both proud and ashamed of.

My pronouns are he/him/his; my website is; my musical taste is embarrassing.

"HQ→CO2 juxtaposes random pairs of images: the headquarters of high-emissions fossil fuel companies, and places around the world being affected by global warming."

I am the only user on and I have no interests

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Open call to action: Moderation app for fediverse software! 

As someone who wants the to switch to the system, I enjoyed "the real reasons the US refuses to go metric"

me after 10 minutes on Mastodon :)

me after 10 seconds on Twitter :(

Have you been able to convince people to join the ? If so, how?

I ask because I want everyone to leave birdsite/etc and join a federated social network, and I want effective ways to ask.

Just scanned through the hashtag. More than half of the people I scrolled past self-identified as queer. I like this

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