@desdinova I tend to agree. I don't know where the cutoff should be (I know very little about these systems), but $10 million seems like a good starting point!

@EvanHahn The author is right that private jets and superyachts are a blight on the atmosphere that we all share. But then, so are cargo ships, passenger cars, and other sources of carbon emissions.

You'd think he'd propose additional carbon taxes like cap-and-trade, coupled with immediate development of nuclear power plants and wind and solar farms.

Unfortunately, he was distracted by class envy into an "eat the rich" proposal that would be much, much less effective if at all.

@stevefoerster I don't know much about this world. I'm inclined to agree that the wealthy's individual behavior is probably not the problem, but again, I don't know. I wonder how much their influence is the issue here.

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