@aral Inspired by your work, I put together a guide showing how to block FLoC in an Express app and an accompanying middleware package called floc-block.

(I worry that this message comes off as self-promotional, which couldn't be further from my goal! Just wanted to share that you inspired one developer to try to make this a little bit better.)

@EvanHahn That’s great, thank you. And don’t ever worry about promoting something you’ve made to try and make things better. Goodness knows the assholes who are fucking things up aren’t shy about their crap.

PS. Link, so I can share it? :)

@EvanHahn @aral Ohhhh this blocks it server side? Why the heck do we need to block it server side?

@EvanHahn @aral do good things and talk about them. Nothing wrong with self-promotion!

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