I know the fediverse is probably a bad place to recruit for a centralized messaging service, but if anyone wants to join me at , we're hiring! Check out signal.org/workworkwork/ or contact me for more.

@minkiu Not sure—I suspect it's to make it easier for the synchronous communication we do. Some additional thoughts there:

1. We've had people in the Hawaii time zone and the Atlantic time zone. I know that's a minority of the world population, but it covers a lot more than I thought it would.
2. We've had contractors in Europe, and at least a few team members work from there, too.

I can ask for more details if you wish!

@EvanHahn nah it's all good, I don't fit in any of the roles, but some people might be discouraged by the "US Timezone only" bit! :D


@minkiu Totally...it's something I'd love us to improve, but that's a bigger effort.

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