"I’m here to prove that operating as a non-profit is viable, better for everyone involved, and should be the default way to do business." ziglang.org/news/announcing-zi

@jbauer I've really enjoyed working with Clojure. It seems thoughtfully designed and was a pleasure to use.

"...what is really at work here is the default prejudice against bottom-up self-organization without a profit motive." write.as/eloquence/why-mastodo

"It’s easy to conflate having a strong sense of personal justice with understanding how to create an equitable environment for others, but in practice they’re not very interchangeable. You simply cannot succeed if you privilege conviction over research." lethain.com/stuff-learned-abou

Edward Snowden: "Engineers like to believe that they’re like scientists, what they do is something that is pure, and they’re just trying to get the rocket up. Where the rocket comes down is not their department." vice.com/en_us/article/wxqx8q/

"...the climate movement has never and will never be just about saving the environment. It’s about fighting inequality and injustice - the story of climate destruction is just as much one of racial injustice and oppression as it is about the actual environmental damage." forgethefuture.substack.com/p/

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