@georgespolitzer Developer on Signal Desktop here. I'm not aware of any of this on Signal's end, but I'm sure there are things I don't know (I'm just an individual contributor). Lemme know if I can answer any questions, though!

@saxnot That seems like a better plan to me! I admit I know very little about this or the unintended consequences of such a regulation, but I would love to have a single standard charger for most of my devices.

@SuricrasiaOnline Part of me wishes they could make breaking changes to JavaScript to give them space to improve things like this. (Part of me thinks this is a bad idea, also)

@hyperrealgopher Reminds me of an old quote I read once: "Programming languages cannot be considered separately from their ecosystems." avdi.codes/ruby-is-defined-by-

@ademalsasa self-hosted static site built with Gatsby. I don't love it but it works

"Google’s unfair performance advantage in Chrome" ctrl.blog/entry/chrome-google-

tl;dr: Android Chrome starts a connection to Google.com before you visit it, giving Google Search a performance bump in their browser. This blog post argues that's unfair (which I agree with), despite the developer's likely good intentions.

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@wil I'm a developer at Signal and might be able to get you assets, depending on what you need.

Just played the demo for Sable, which is available on PC and Xbox. It is a true delight and I am eager for its full release

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Just did my very first beta release of Signal for Desktop! Meaningless to most, I suspect, but meaningful to me.

(If you're not already trying out our betas: support.signal.org/hc/articles)

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