"Google’s unfair performance advantage in Chrome" ctrl.blog/entry/chrome-google-

tl;dr: Android Chrome starts a connection to Google.com before you visit it, giving Google Search a performance bump in their browser. This blog post argues that's unfair (which I agree with), despite the developer's likely good intentions.

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@wil I'm a developer at Signal and might be able to get you assets, depending on what you need.

Just played the demo for Sable, which is available on PC and Xbox. It is a true delight and I am eager for its full release

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Just did my very first beta release of Signal for Desktop! Meaningless to most, I suspect, but meaningful to me.

(If you're not already trying out our betas: support.signal.org/hc/articles)

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Just published "floc-block", a small npm package to help Express.js developers block Google's FLoC tracking: gitlab.com/EvanHahn/floc-block

And if you'd rather not install another tiny third-party module, I also wrote a quick guide showing how to do it yourself: evanhahn.com/block-googles-flo

@aral Inspired by your work, I put together a guide showing how to block FLoC in an Express app and an accompanying middleware package called floc-block.

(I worry that this message comes off as self-promotional, which couldn't be further from my goal! Just wanted to share that you inspired one developer to try to make this a little bit better.)


@jookia just want you to know that I haven't forgotten about this. I haven't gotten to it yet, though—apologies.

@aral I think it'd be cool to use a content-addressed system like IPFS to address this, but I haven't thought about it too much!

@shom @mike @cooper I'm not on the Android team but I'll bring this up next time we discuss SMS support. I fear that saying "thanks for the feedback" sounds dishonest, but I mean it: thanks for the feedback.

@shom @mike @cooper I work at Signal (but not on our Android team). FWIW, there have been lots of internal debates about whether to keep SMS support in the Android app. On one hand, it causes confusion for our users and is hard for us to maintain. On the other, it's a popular feature that many people love. No specific answers or promises here, but know that we've thought about this a lot.


@jookia hey, I work at signal but am reaching out unofficially. This is something we talked about a fair bit internally, but of course we're mostly a bunch of white guys too. I'll look into adding the "skip to content" link to our website—a much smaller ask, to be sure, but something I can at least do. Would love to hear more of your thoughts if you feel comfortable sharing them.

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