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@jaranta Terra Nil isn't exactly what you're describing, but I think it's related.

@celesteh Developer at Signal here. Lemme know if I can answer any questions.

@baldur I don't know of a formal definition, but I interpret it like vanilla-js.com/. It's frontend JavaScript without frameworks.

I suppose I interpret it as being without build tools, too, so language extensions like JSX and TypeScript are out. (I think those tools are useful! Just not part of my personal definition of "vanilla JS".)

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"...in 2020, firearm-related injuries became the leading cause of death" for people between 1 and 19 in the US. nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejm

"In this post I argue that integration-vs-unit is a confused, and harmful, distinction. I provide a more useful two-dimensional mental model instead." matklad.github.io/2022/07/04/u

(Mostly positive) COVID news 

@xehatug Oh yes. The number is still WAY too high! Our leaders failed us, including in the USA.

@Mehrad Asked about this. My understanding, which is incomplete, is that this is a project that's open book, but not truly a community project. Useful for people building forks and auditing the code (among other things), but not a place we have time to monitor. (We're a surprisingly small team!)

If you've found bugs, please let me know and I can pass them on.

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