@Sirsquid Makes no sense to me, seems like you were suspended for no reason. Maybe there's some non-obvious rule.


Just took 5 minutes to call my senators about the Supreme Court. Sunrise Movement made it easy: sunrisemovement.org/scotus

"Such under-the-radar PR efforts underscore the [pharma] industry’s determination to protect its pricing power in an era when expensive new drug therapies are increasingly under fire for their role in soaring U.S. healthcare costs." reuters.com/article/us-usa-dru

"This Crisis Team Has Handled Mental Health Calls Without Cops for 30 Years" vice.com/en_us/article/pkywg7/

(The article says they "may, rarely, involve the police", but the spirit of the headline stands.)

@tomasino I can't speak to our long-term plans as of week 1, unfortunately. The best I can offer is "stay tuned"...but maybe ask me again in a month!

Just finished my first week on the Desktop team for (the messaging app)!

@sir Thought there were some insightful comments (some in agreement, some in disagreement) over on Lobsters: lobste.rs/s/qrndf5/web_browser

"I’m here to prove that operating as a non-profit is viable, better for everyone involved, and should be the default way to do business." ziglang.org/news/announcing-zi

@jbauer I've really enjoyed working with Clojure. It seems thoughtfully designed and was a pleasure to use.

"...what is really at work here is the default prejudice against bottom-up self-organization without a profit motive." write.as/eloquence/why-mastodo

"It’s easy to conflate having a strong sense of personal justice with understanding how to create an equitable environment for others, but in practice they’re not very interchangeable. You simply cannot succeed if you privilege conviction over research." lethain.com/stuff-learned-abou

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