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These two pics of me and a friend were taken at 34 years apart. We're a lot less flexible these days but we're still making glorious noise together.

Is it weird that I’ve always eaten my candy corn by biting the yellow part off, then the white tip before eating the orange?

Those times in my life when I lived outside of Chicago, in other states, the Italian Beef is what I missed the most.

RIP Anton Fier, Pharoah Sanders and Louise Fletcher.

Now three shitty people have to go to balance out the cosmic scale.

I’m that middle-aged white dude who always works this album in some Too Ten list.

Been fighting some creeping crud head congestion all week. COVID tests all negative. Under the influence of sinus medicine. This is where I'm at:

Ironically, working around a bunch of Bible-humpers is pretty soul-draining.

The entire island of Puerto Rico is without power after yet another devastating hurricane but our news media can't stop fetishising over a dead 96 year-old.

OhForFuxSake all I want is the weather and traffic before heading out the door in the morning!

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