i haven’t seen a single open fire hydrant this summer and that seems very improper

At Chicago ComiCon with Jessi and @danvpeterson. Jessi’s right: it totally feels like cosplay has blown up this year.

My rough estimate feels like 45-50% of attendees are dressed up somehow. Definitely an increase this year.

It’s awesome. I love seeing people nerd out with their thing and just be what they’re into. Love it.

#WizardWorld #ComiConChicago

one of my fav things is being able to clock exactly where and what side of the street a place is on based on the address without looking at a map

It would be awesome if Mastodon had a “followers and people on my instance only” privacy level

I’m originally from MA, but I’ve been in Chicago since 2005 when I married my Chicagoan wife.

I’m writing a children’s fantasy novel inspired by Roald Dahl that centers around the sculpture in South.

I’m currently looking for advance readers who aren’t friends or family to get feedback. Please let me know if you are interested. I especially like to hear from parents who share with kids 5-12 years old. Let me know if you can help!

Thanks to @alex for hosting!


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