Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

@Statsinthewild @academicchatter An analogy, to demonstrate the issue: imagine a competition where teams get points for putting a ball into a 2.44x7.32m goal as many times as possible in five minutes.

Initially, people think, "oh, this is just a penalty shootout", so send one person to kick a soccer ball into the goal.

Then, they notice that one team has not one, but *two* people kicking balls. The organisers don't complain, and this team wins.

The next year, *everyone* has two kickers.

Where does US Soccer stand before their game against England?

Group B Summary!

Whatever issue or problem you have today or tomorrow, just remember that it's basically meaningless. We're all just specks on a slightly larger speck. So so whatever you want to do and fuck what other people think. Because they are specks too.


RT @NASAExoplanets
On this day, we are thankful for the little white dot just below Saturn's rings. That's us! (You look great, btw,.) Seen from a billion miles away, Earth shines bright. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. We're glad you're here.

Anyone out there been able to get Keras to work in R on a mac with an M1 chip?


The most important election in our lifetime wasn't 2020 or 2012 or the upcoming 2024 election. It was 2016. And liberals lost. We lost for a generation. No election in my lifetime will ever be as important as 2016 was. And we fucking lost.

The hardest problem in computer science is to make a social network without nazis

You will never convince me that the Saudi Arabia vs Argentina have wasn't rigged.

Ars covers the destruction of content moderation at Twitter— an incredible act of indifference to have fired the entire team responsible for moderation in Brazil days after a close election. Nilay was right; moderation is the product. https://arstechnica.com/?p=1898729

Should grants use a lottery approach? 🎟️

"Research shows that, barring a minority of outstanding projects, grant winners and losers are not decided by a precise and objective identification of worthy and unworthy projects. Instead, the luck of the draw — who reviews what proposal and the opinions they hold — generally determines these outcomes."

"It is excessively wasteful in terms of researchers’ time."


#sciencereform #macademia #metascience @academicchatter

Trying something to engage #Musodon in a creative exercise:

I've put up a simple #piano clip (A minor, 90 BPM), and anyone is free to #remix it: expand on it, sample it, sing/rap over it, play a solo, whatever

Reply with what you've come up with

Then others can run with your creations and remix them further, ideally creating multiple threads of #music creativity connecting numerous #musicians

Boost this too so more #MastoMusicians across the fediverse can hop in in this #MastoRemix 🌟

For those who have downloaded their #Twitter archive data, you might want to check out this Twitter Archive parser by @timhutton:


This converts your Tweet archive to #markdown and HTML, and replaces t.co URLs (which will break once Twitter goes away) with their original versions.

Afterwards, it asks if you want to try downloading the original size images.

Just ran this myself without any major issues, really easy to use as well.

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