Happy fathers day to @alex, the only guy that delivers me a dog in a laundry basket. Your baby is still being baked, but I’m assuming you’ll deliver them to me in a laundry basket too???

Almost 22 weeks pregnant and yes I have a half eaten stick of butter in my purse.

And for your final Dill of the day, I give you this classic.

It’s Friday, and Dill’s birthday, so you get extra Dill.

One time @alex and I got into an argument over the question “do dogs have lips?”

He’s a good boy, even though he can’t always hold his own chew.

He was so lil and I definitely dropped him on his head the first time I picked him up.

I turned 27 and doing all the adult™️ things this year. Moving across the country, buying a house, and havin’ a baby. So, here is some classic Dilly Dally cause he’s along for the ride.

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