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~A boostable feast~

:flag: is a :chance: Chicago-focused Mastodon instance with a friendly local timeline and simple rules.

DM me for an invite if you're a current, former, or future Chicagoan (suburbs included :ctapurple: :ctayellow:).

I'm shouldering all costs right now, so if you like what we're doing, you can also buy me a coffee :darkmatter: at

Thanks! We :pizzaheart: you.

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Hi! I'm Alex, and I created I've lived in Chicago since 2010, and went to undergrad at Roosevelt. I met my wife Sydney in Chicago, too.

I've got a dachshund named Dill who's a dead-ringer for the Portillo's mascot, and I'm into dancing to soul 45s at Danny's, drinking coffee at Plein Air, and smelling every flower at Gethsemane.

Feel free at @ me with any admin-related questions, invite requests, or for recommendations of things to do around the South Loop.

Hmm I have once again had to remind my husband that he can't tell people "No Children" is "our song"

It's pretty rough that the only well-publicized Instagram competitor is Saudi government–affiliated.

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My "check out my Soundcloud" is "please look at this public-domain book, it's got nice pictures of birds"


Custom themes!

Because I'm using a shared hosting provider, I can't add custom themes the typical way.

However, I could *replace* any of the default themes (Mastodon light, Mastodon dark, and High contrast) with a custom one, but that would apply universally to any of our users who pick that theme.


OK, so a couple of folks have DMed me about this instance, populated entirely by accounts with no info, named after characters from the movie New Jack City.

I'm disinclined to block an instance just because it's weird, but they have no admin or contact details. I've been advising people to do individual blocks or follow denials on their own.

Is not having an admin contact enough to do a whole-instance block?

I'm glad I live in #chicago with plenty of polling places and little to no lines. But it makes it easy to forget there are many who live in jurisdictions where this is not the case. #voting #election

Adventures in gendered products. I'm so puzzled by the existence of this "audio interface for girls" that I might actually like it? It's like one of those rake things where it goes from being funny to unfunny to even funnier than before as you read about it.

📣 Not completing surveys after customer service interactions is class betrayal.

Remember that in Illinois it's illegal to post a picture of your ballot on social media!

Do vote, but don't toot votes.

Polling place and "I voted!" wristband photos are fine.

I will be starting the upgrade to v2.6.1 of all instances hosted by

You should expect a couple of minutes of downtime (depending on the size of the instance could be up to 5 minutes) some time in the next couple hours.

See the release changes here: and

What's your favorite Halloween media? Looking forward to watching Over The Garden Wall tonight.

Good morning!

From your local immigrant instance administrator:

Here’s a list of immigration services providers in :ILflag: Illinois:

As part of their production of the play “Yasmina’s Necklace” last year, the Goodman Theatre produced this list of six Chicago-based nonprofits helping refugees:

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It’s not as important as voting — and encouraging friends and family in competitive districts to vote — but there’s a vigil tonight at 5:30pm at Federal Plaza. I’m hoping it will at least help me emotionally.

60% of Mastodon posts are accidental boosts.

Show more is a Mastodon instance for Chicagoans current, former, and future.1 Its name comes from Carl Sandburg, who once compared ships pulling out to “mastodons, arising from lethargic sleep.”2

Our goal for is to build a community of friends and neighbors across the Windy City. Toot your pho place recommendations, meet-up ideas (like at the mastodon exhibit at the Field!), pothole gripes, creative dibs, and cross-town baseball taunts—whatever you want, as long it abides by our short and sweet content policy.

For now, membership in is subject to approval. if you don’t have an invite or referral, email our admin with a Toot-length intro.3 Proof of your Chicago connection is required.

Membership is also free: hosting, administration, and domain registration are provided by our admin. Right now that runs about $100 a year, not counting labor. You can buy him a coffee if you like.

Boundless credit to our sister instances in Portland and Philadelphia for inspiration.

1. For the purpose of inclusivity, includes greater Chicagoland in its definition of "Chicago," though you personally should never do that.
2. From “Docks,” in Chicago Poems, 1916. Rejected URLs included noketchup.dogs,,, and
3. No more than 500 characters.