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the perfect way to make Kraft Dinner (not a bit) [I'm pinning this] 

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My posts are like my children; I am disappointed in them

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baby registry 

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I’m Sorry, But I’m Not Going To Take Part In Fake Woke, Performative “Shutting The Fuck Up For Like One Day, Alex, please”

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~A boostable feast~

:flag: is a :chance: Chicago-focused Mastodon instance with a friendly local timeline and simple rules.

DM me for an invite if you're a current, former, or future Chicagoan (suburbs included :ctapurple: :ctayellow:).

I'm shouldering all costs right now, so if you like what we're doing, you can also buy me a coffee :darkmatter: at

Thanks! We :pizzaheart: you.

My sweet, beautiful, talented, intelligent wife just said, “surrounded by a cloud like Pigeon from Peanuts”

hot basement content 

Fucked up that cheap ice cream is bad and expensive ice cream is good

Will get through more tomorrow we promise. There is always more American Ninja Warrior to watch in bed when one is seven months pregnant in late summer

Ok we are done for the night but thank you, very nice stuff

@cryptoad "One of the only good teenagers in the world."

@Pixley "Karen came to our baby shower. You met her in person."

@realmaxkeeble "One of the most emotionally honest people on here. Not named Max."

@grant "Simultaneously the most and least normal person on here. Yep."

@remulacfrommars "Local dad. Rock and roll dad. You're meeting him too!"

@Quixote171 "Extremely solid guy who really needs to stop posting the same joke over and over again."

@kate "Kate runs the discord with all the pets from mastodon. They bring a great energy here."

Show more is a Mastodon instance for Chicagoans current, former, and future. Its name comes from Carl Sandburg, who once compared ships pulling out to “mastodons, arising from lethargic sleep.” Our goal for is to build a community of friends and neighbors across the Windy City. Toot your pho place recommendations, meet-up ideas, pothole gripes, creative dibs, and cross-town baseball taunts—whatever you want, as long it abides by our short and sweet content policy.

For now, membership in is subject to approval. if you don’t have an invite or referral, email our admin with a Toot-length intro.