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how dare you come into my mentions and say I’m not allowed to shitpost. I was there. I was there when hellhomer went down. I was there for goth ms frizzle’s mencia moment. I was there when the biggest weird twitter couple in New Orleans broke up. I was there when horse ebooks was revealed. I’m a ten year veteran of the posting wars

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I have a sneaking suspicion most everybody is doing their best

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the perfect way to make Kraft Dinner (not a bit) [I'm pinning this] 

put the pasta in a glass bowl with 1 and 3/4 cups hot water.

Microwave for 5 minutes.

Pause, stir, microwave for another 5 minutes.

Add a quarter cup of milk, 2 tbps of butter and the cheese packet.

Done. Perfect Kraft dinner.

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Your favorite poster’s favorite poster (that they have on notifications-only mute)

That is to say, I don’t think the timeline really needs white voices calling for peace and quiet right now. Pretty convinced we don’t actually need white voices calling for /anything/ tbqh

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the thing about “hoping cooler heads prevail” is that the “cooler heads” are always the ones who think everything is a ok and nothing needs to change

my burrsona is the space Boston guy in the Mandalorian who wears armpit holsters

Cops shooting rubber bullets straight at a TV News crew live on air 

please boost, boston protests, uspol 

Folks are getting arrested in boston tonight, if you have the resources please send support to the MA bail fund

I put sweatpants on and off and go back to work, I say with affection: please go fuck yourself

Other than the classic “bdsm is authoritarian” bizarro take

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when i became a certified copyeditor it mostly meant i have to say "parallelism" at some point every day

that indian guy saying he didnt care if his restaurant burned down because you can rebuild it but you cant rebuild a human life is king shit

@alex I bought a refurbished Blue Snowball babyyyy

A co-worker said her sister was "let go" from her job at a country club because she called the health department when the owners did not provide masks or require members to wear masks indoors. Fuck bosses in this time and always.

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