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I am the number one Hanna-Barbera hater of the fediverse

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the perfect way to make Kraft Dinner (not a bit) [I'm pinning this] 

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I’m Sorry, But I’m Not Going To Take Part In Fake Woke, Performative “Shutting The Fuck Up For Like One Day, Alex, please”

Or maybe the cloud city ugnaughts just happened to be extremely ugly and regular members of the species all look like little distinguished wilford brimleys. Idk

I personally think it was brave of the creators of The Mandalorian to create the first hot ugnaught. I can only imagine nick nolte’s character retired to the wilderness after a long career as an ugnaught male model. Of course, I only mean hot in comparison to all previously seen ugnaughts

Marvelous mrs. maisel is Forrest Gump for Gilmore girls fans

they told us the internet was forever but then you remember a username you had fifteen years ago and you find that doesn't exist anymore and you can't archive a flash audio player

remember when there was going to be a 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover movie

I am one of the five graying-templed men on mastodon who is not a documented sex pest. It’s lonely here but we have snacks

been out here saying pianos don’t have to have keys

An extremely powerful photo of character actor Dan Hedaya, one eye contact 

DJ Mustard is named DJ mustard because his first name is dijon, and I think that’s adorable

peeking under the hood of the divine. Checking the dipstick of providence

I think the trick to defeating the feeling of “oh no this artist/writer/musician accomplished this great thing and they’re the same age as me” is to think about people who were amazing before you even cared about doing anything good, like brenda lee belting “dynamite” when she was literally twelve years old

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