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the perfect way to make Kraft Dinner (not a bit) [I'm pinning this] 

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ko-fi link, request for $$ help (boosts+) 

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Your favorite poster’s favorite poster (that they have on notifications-only mute)

I hate when I’m listening to a podcast and learn that someone I used to respect has gone completely off the rails on twitter over the last three years


I have a sneaking suspicion most everybody is doing their best

restaurant owners are just landlords who win awards

Of course the first time I’m posting under an “incest” cws it would be in a conversation about slate dot com with Karen

you support prison abolition, you say? but you think trump's pardons are bad? 😏

I would never lie to my wife about anything serious, but I do carefully hide the evidence of my McDonald’s crimes

Gotta say these new "We Didn't Start The Fire" lyrics leave a lot to be desired

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game of thrones, not a spoiler 

thinking about the time i blocked some guy on a game dev discord channel and he got really mad and posted a link to a william s burroughs quote about censorship

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