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:flag: is a :chance: Chicago-focused Mastodon instance with a friendly local timeline and simple rules.

DM me for an invite if you're a current, former, or future Chicagoan (suburbs included :ctapurple: :ctayellow:).

I'm shouldering all costs right now, so if you like what we're doing, you can also buy me a coffee :darkmatter: at

Thanks! We :pizzaheart: you.

The fundraising goal on my ko-fi page would recoup the cost of my American citizenship application, which was ~very expensive~. I'm currently in pending status with USCIS with an estimated case completion date of November 2019. Thanks for helping!

I updated's Terms at to include the following language:

"Whatever the intentions behind it, unsolicited advice—especially involving a user's health and wellness—is often indistinguishable from harassment and will be treated as such."

If you're unsure if a user is soliciting advice, best practice is to ask that user it's ok to give a recommendation.

Only You Can Prevent Reply Guyism!*

*Also, I can, because I can ban you. :pizzaheart:

@alex Which flag is this? It's seriously hurting my eyes right now :s

@alex Well... much love for the city, but unfortunately, when scaled down to emojo size, the red and blue starts to blend together and look more like chromatic aberration than a flag!

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For now, membership in is subject to approval. if you don’t have an invite or referral, email our admin with a Toot-length intro.