Her: What are you thinking about?

Me, obsessed with the research and development process of a microUSB-powered Swedish MIDI harmonica that costs more than an iPhone: Nothing

"The instruments are assembled by hand in our small workshop. The casing is produced using high-quality SLS 3D printing, which gives it a slightly rough surface… The DM48 is available only in black with a white bottom chassis… The mouthpiece is manufactured in aluminum by precision CNC machining, and has a smooth semi-matte anodized surface."

If you guessed that this was about a vape. you are wrong. It's a $750 bluetooth harmonica.

I'm now on the user group for the 3D-printed $750 microUSB harmonica and, oh no

There's a thread in the microUSB harmonica usergroup titled "THOR LAG" and no, I will not be clicking it.


The longest thread in Google Groups history, locked by the mods of the DM48 digital harmonica users group after 5,000 replies

cursed harmonica compliment 

cursed harmonica compliment 

OK, I'm logging off the extremely expensive microusb harmonica user group now but I'm legitimately sad that no one has answered this guy's question yet.

What exactly is he planning?
What's his game???

cursed harmonica compliment 

cursed harmonica compliment 

cursed harmonica compliment 

@alex this may be the name of my first protracker album...

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