*quietly* uh, hey all, I’m moving to Massachusetts at the end of the month

Nothing is happening to! I am still admin and since it’s cloud-hosted, there will be no downtime. I am not starting a instance where I’m moving, because doxxing me would be very easy!!!

My wife and dog can’t join me for five months, which sucks! But I’m moving so we can save up for a house, which is great.

Put in my three weeks’ notice this morning at my job, so I’ll be slowly emptying my desk over time since I bus commute and can’t really do the big bankers box walkout thing you see on TV

@lawremipsum it’s cloud hosted! I have no intentions of doing anything with bigshoulders.

@alex You should have another meetup before you go so we can all say goodbye. We'll miss you!

@alex "Fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm outta here!" [Commence 10 minutes of waiting at bus stop]

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