You know what else is rude? Telling New York Times opinion writers to go fuck themselves. But I can still do it!

I Love Ignoring Email And Making Enough To Pay My Bills

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"Whatever boundaries you choose, don’t abandon your inbox altogether. Not answering emails today is like refusing to take phone calls in the 1990s or ignoring letters in the 1950s. Email is not household clutter and you’re not Marie Kondo. Ping!"

This guy is like Merlin Mann's arch-nemesis (this is an extremely specific reference, I'm sorry)

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"You would never snub a colleague trying to strike up a conversation."


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I'm sorry, I'm in karen's lane, I'll get back to tooting about, idk, a $3000 wifi-connected ferret enclosure

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Some people like to live on the edge; to feel a rush; satisfy a death wish.They do hard drugs, jump off cliffs, wear shorts in winter.

I go on and sort by "Newest"

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@alex man, I love being able to air my passive aggressive grievances in the New York Fucking Times

@alex I have anxiety just thinking about all the email I'm not going to read. I hate email.

@alex "being overwhelmed is no excuse" oh okay sure whatever

@alex His title is a dead giveaway.

"Organizational Psychologist" isn't a real thing. This guy is a capitalist grifter writing something to justify his job's existence.

@alex "I never ignore my email, because I learned that I'm related to a Nigerian prince!"

@alex if you email it to him he’ll be obliged to respond

@alex you can do it by writing an email which they would be rude against


I would say most email these days can be safely ignored. The trouble is getting to the ones that you shouldn't ignore.

institutional email bureaucracy growth should be fought with all possible laziness.

@alex some of the highest flighers I've known made damn sure to have a reputation of being unreliable at email, early.

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