"As the shopper passes in front of the shelf, our motion sensor activates the device and the product becomes animated.

In the same time, a powerful led is casting light on the product. But that’s not all! The product even speak to the shopper, delivering a promotional voice message, or playing music. Yes, you can even make the product dance to the rhythm."

Oh no, oh no no no

Ending this Friday strong with a Romanian Vending Machine Poltergeist


Sure, I've *dreamed* about getting heckled in Romanian by a glowing bottle of Jameson but I never thought those dreams were actually PREMONITIONS


Hi new followers, be sure to watch the Balkan Marketing Robot video and join in my suffering

@Pixley Cleanse your palate with either:

The dog breed ID app
The “reply to every email” oped
or The Racist Kickstarter

those are my only options today, sorry

@alex jeez I went off the TL for like two hours and you took over my whole beat

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