I love my extremely normal workplace decorations, thanks

@alex are these all movie character tikis? Is that Slimer?



From left to right:

Slot Machine (from Frankie's Tiki Room in Vegas)
Moai 🗿
The Iron Giant

@alex the overlap of pop culture characters and tiki never occurred to me before and I can't explain why I'm fascinated

@tessaracked In MYYYY opinion.... *extremely this is a take voice* since tiki bars are inherently a kitsch invention for white tourists (like crab rangoon and "exotica" music), creating tiki mugs of American pop culture figures is significantly less problematic than so-called "authentic" tikis

@tessaracked TL;DR; Tiki is only defensible if it's fake as hell

@tessaracked I do have standards, though; there's a brand out there called "Geeky Tikis" and I think they all look like garbage

@alex I didn't realize tiki was invented for tourism reasons but that makes sense

@geekygent a mix of actual bars and the Alamo Drafthouse-associated MONDO

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