This post is a baby shower for my baby. Hi baby.

If you like my posts, pay me back with (1) $7 bottle brush, or perhaps a bib with some lemons on it.

Things I did before I knew I was having a kid:

· accepted a job halfway across the country, leaving my wife in Chicago until I find a house
· started a lease on a brand new car

So, yeah, I'm posting a dang amazon registry on my page

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The May update: we found a house; it’s 115 years old, on the Massachusetts register of historic places, and we get the keys next Friday.

Our baby is due mid-October; they are healthy and mom is doing great.

I had to get a credit line increase just to book the movers.

If you get the baby something cute, I guarantee a photo for you with them and it.

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I want to live in the reality of the person who replied to this and said "wow, they make $1200 strollers?" Sweet summer child

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@alex I did not even know they made baby strollers that expensive 🤭

@kg Oh, they make them much more expensive than that

@alex don’t tell those people who much formula costs 😮 and car seats 😮😮 and diapers 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

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