Writing down “nutt was homeschooled” in my little book

Other entries include "eve has done blackface" and "karen got a farm because she was hit by a truck"

It is important to note that this is not a burn book or anything, this is just to help me have a fuller understanding of the motivations and dynamics of the fediverse

"alana is a Mainer," "scribblefrog doesn't know what a pitchfork review is"

feel free to reply to this toot telling me something that a.) you don't talk about very often on here but b.) if people knew they would feel like they understood you a lot better

@alex lots of unsavory characters in the fediverse.....

@alex nutt wasn't just homeschooled, she grew up in a circus

@goblin I don't think I've been following you long enough to know!! these are things that are casually dropped in a toot or a reply that dramatically increase my understanding of a person I follow. I won't know what it is until I see it

@goblin I guess I could open it up to your suggestions about what that might be

@alex @goblin
Hanny was briefly a touring member of the band Camera Obscura in 2010

@laser @goblin is that true?! I am Canadian and I cannot detect insincerity

@alex @goblin no, but it "feels" "true" and i think that is important

@laser @alex this is the sickest burn i have ever been hit with. im fucking speechless.

@goblin @alex lmao, I'm sorry, I did not mean it to be a burn, but I suppose that makes it worse.

@laser @alex it's the sort of incredibly specific rinse of my whole deal as a person that i have to respect

@spookcentral this is not about dirt, cj, it is just about understanding my friends better. But go off, I guess

@alex you should volunteer some info on yourself

@Ttle I feel that I am very free with tidbits about myself; I'm not sure what would surprise people, but uh, I didn't have a driver's license until I was 25

@alex I think everyone already knows what's in your book, but relatedly I dropped out of college after a year and never went back, this seems to perpetually surprise people

@Pixley thank you Karen, is this a roast for self-boosting because I read it that way, and I am sorry

@mood it super sucks, higher education especially is just a scam and a sham

@alex my favorite anything, for better and (often) for worse, is Smashing Pumpkins 🤷🏼‍♀️

@alex I had a colonectomy and I think about death like ten times a day.

This might just be me venting oops 

@alex green day once stopped in the middle of a song at warped tour because “you guys kicked that girl’s glasses off her head!”

that girl? me. abraham lincoln

@alex i was more of lilith fair kid, and it shows

@mood did they break? The only time I've ever broken glasses was after being punched in the face outside of a bar called the Cobra Lounge

@alex they didn’t! the only time they broke was when i was in middle school and had downhill skii’d cartoonishly into the side of a ski lodge full of fancy people, and snapped one of the ear-arms off. my dad soldered it back on and it looked Very Bad

@mood you French fried when you should have pizza'ed

@alex I'm an only child and I grew up in a pretty rural area with no other kids my age living nearby

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