🎶Brexit Guitar! Any kind of fool could see/there was something/in everything about you🎶

This guitar is twenty-eight hundred US dollars

The artist behind the Brexit guitar, Robert F. Goetzl, also illustrates children's history books for Scholastic, including gems like "Hot Abigail Adams" and "Zombie Neil Armstrong"

This artwork is like a “Kelly” political cartoon from the Onion. The leather-blazered George Washington. The punctuation. Is it commentary? Who knows!



Been there…. Done that!!

@alex I love the unparalleled efficiency with which capitalism allocates resources

@alex the thing I love about martin guitars is their timelessness

@alex Rocket To The Moon: The Incredible Story of How We Brought Back The Team To Re-Enact the Moon Landing On The Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary

@alex if someone got that for me I'd practice smashing guitars with it

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