Honestly, for me, film is just one of those things I have decided I will not have time to get into. I like popcorn movies and name-brand auteurs like Scorsese and PT Anderson. I have never seen an Orson Welles, I have never seen a Kurosawa

I like Tampopo, though. That's on criterion I think

@alex given that context, I can't sit here in silent judgment of your taste.

@alex this is fascinating to me, film seems like the great ultimate equalizing destination for those who are interested in art, music, whatever. It has elements of everything.

@shanecyr to be clear, I like film! I just don't think I have enough time to learn about it

@alex boogie nights is a good movie, mesmerizing at times. I can’t ever look away from the drug deal gone wrong scene

@remulacfrommars I just like movies with great music and excellent color grading, I am also a Goodfellas stan unironically

@alex I own this and should rewatch it.

I have mixed feelings about it now, having heard it could be read as a "response" to Lost in Translation, but I enjoyed the hell out of it when I first saw it.

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