Sexualizing people without their consent is a major issue on here—it's led people to stop posting pictures, to lock their accounts, and done serious emotional damage to my friends. Overfamiliarity with parasocial relationships is some twitter shit we don't need, and it hurts people. It's sexual harassment and it shouldn't be swept under the rug. We shouldn't pretend that other humans on the internet are characters or "personalities."

@alex just wanna add to this - even if a person is comfortable with this sort of treatment online, that is NOT implicit permission aggressively flirt with them or touch them in real life!!!

some of us are playing characters online to some extent, myself included

trying to extend online personas into the real world has led to some really uncomfortable events for me at meetups / cons. please for the love of fucking god never touch people without permission.

@alex internet people respect fucking boundaries challenge 2019

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