Enjoy this picture of a white bellbird, the Loudest Bird In The World


something about this picture in particular has intense Toho Godzilla villain vibes

@alex I love how its immediately clear that this is the loudest bird

@alex I looked into its mouth and learned the exact date and manner of my death


i caught like half of an npr story on this bird on my drive home last night and the only thing i know about this bird is that it's loud and that its pectoral muscles are like six times larger than other birds because if they weren't then the bird would rip itself apart when it yells

@spookcentral @alex this is the most hardcore thing I've ever heard, I will devote my life to this buff loud bird

@Pixley @alex

fucked that this bird gets to incapacitate enemies with its screech AND gets a high physical attack

@alex its cause its got that washed out glow that those movies had

@alex This reminds me of @sophia's yelling crow posts in a good way

@alex okay I just read a news story about this bird and they apparently scream right in the female bird's face, which scientists said was uh weird, and one of them said, "well we never saw copulation, so maybe the ones we saw were just losers," and I cannot stop laughing at this

@alex so we're just not going to discuss this bird's facial feather situation?

@alex a brief websearch to find reason in this chaotic world resulted in the three-wattled bellbird:

@mxsiege @alex I did until my partner said that it looks like its in a nu-metal band and ruined everything

@tessaracked @alex I bet I'd be yelling all the time too if I had those things dangling from my face.

@alex okay i was like haha its a loud bird earlier but i just looked it up and these motherfuckers' call is 125 dB thats louder than a frickin jackhammer

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