My favorite genre of post is “whom cancelled? Dm me? Is this about someone On Here?”

A perfume that captures the essence of the flopsweat a male poster goes into when vagueposting about creeps begins. An atomizer full of “hell yeah i am nervous, hell no i will not examine why that is the case”

My least favorite genre of post remains:

“this thing is horrible.”

*is asked for evidence that thing exists*

“I am too emotionally overwhelmed to provide the evidence, I am sorry, please Venmo me so I can keep telling you about the things that are as horrible as they are definitely real”


is this about someone in particular or are you just vagueing


thank you, i consider myself a master of this site

@spookcentral @alex cj, who are you talking about..... is this a reply to someone else

@setup @alex

sabri.... cj got cancelled three years ago... you have to let him go


me: i am having toast for breakfast

everyone: what’s the discourse? who do i have to cancel?

@muppetbutler the emotional labor of keeping a Rolodex of creeps cheersing people in photos

@alex i get what you mean but i feel this can be interpreted as

"Someone called me a slur today and i feel bad."

"Um, source????????"

@Anarchist_Mallrat oh totally I am not talking about first person experiences, I am talking about things being described as widespread phenomena

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