something that is wrong with my brain is that anytime I'm holding a door open for someone and they touch or gently push on the door as they walk through, I take this as an implication that I am too weak to hold it open. I do not know why I think this, but I have always felt this way

if someone held a door open for me I would simply thank them while walking through it, keeping my hands at my sides

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touching a door that someone is holding open for you is violence

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@alex this is a huge peeve of mine. I have the door! you do not need to make a token effort to pretend to additionally support the door, the door is supported

@alex @larrydavis yes on both ends of the action, and I truly do not care if someone does it.

@alex i wouldnt even notice if the other person touches the door, because i dont care

@alex like i would see it, but a minute later i couldnt tell if the person touched the door or not.

@alex I take it as a sign that they've become jaded from other door-holders releasing the door too soon. To be fair, they don't know my door-holding capabilities because we have no pre-established door-holder/door-heldee relationship.

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