today I learned Europeans brought onions to North America in the 1600s thinking it was a rare and special thing and then found onions growing and being used all over by tribes and communities lol

“I have this cool vegetable. You’ve probably never heard of it.”

“What is it?”

“Onion, it’s like a stinky friend that’s also sweet and spicy depending”

“Yeah buddy we got hundreds of those”

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@alex for once I can't fault the Europeans because there shouldn't be a corner of the earth where you can't get onions

@alex like...dogs, pigs and onions seems like a non-negotiable base of species to make a place worth inhabiting

"Yeah those go well with tomatoes we find"

"Hold up, with what?"

@alex "alright youve got taters, and maters, and all kinds of whoopass foods we've been living without, but feast your eyes on THI-"

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