how dare you come into my mentions and say I’m not allowed to shitpost. I was there. I was there when hellhomer went down. I was there for goth ms frizzle’s mencia moment. I was there when the biggest weird twitter couple in New Orleans broke up. I was there when horse ebooks was revealed. I’m a ten year veteran of the posting wars

you call yourself a poster but did you even get an unsolicited dick pic from @dogboner in 2014?

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you can come to me with opinions about “shit posting” when you show me receipts (that you got RTed by Eminemobama before he locked his account to patrons only)

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@alex every time I mention "horse ebooks" to someone and they don't know what I mean I have a full-blown meltdown, and it has happened more than once IRL

@Pixley I simply do not talk to my wife about anything that I did on twitter

@alex oh my husband knew about horse ebooks because of the New Yorker article

@Pixley @alex my friend gave me a framed print out of the 'everything happens so much' post and its a fun convo starter with guests*

*i literally, literally, never have anyone over but if i did itd be fun to explain and watch them totally zone out

@swirlz @Pixley it turned out to be viral marketing for a novel or something? I don’t remember

@swirlz @alex @Pixley it was initially an ebooks bot from ebooks published through a publisher or something about horses. but then two viral marketer buzzfeed guys bought it and just posted random crap, they also ran that false pronunciation youtube channel

@wintgenstein @swirlz @alex @Pixley wasn't Susan Orleans involved somehow? I'm posting this before googling it

@alex i know what more than half of these things are and I am deeply upset with myself

@Aleums they got hired as a Hollywood screenwriter off posting and instantly were revealed as a serial joke thief

@alex @Aleums lol i only ever had like 30 followers on twitter and barely used it but the one time i got harassed it was by a bunch of gmf stans reading a reply i made in such bad faith it was actually impressive. and they were all doing the "lol this dumb bitch blocked me" thing when i decided to just not engage with it at all.

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