i have seen this meme about five times on fedi over the last two years and i cringe every time, it is not a good or cool thing that volunteer fire departments have to exist


perhaps instead of marveling at the things people do without monetary reward, consider the forces preventing that labor from being fairly compensated

damn it's so cool that your town refuses to raise property taxes by 1% to pay for public employees to save the lives of you and your neighbors

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@alex yea, think there are two critiques that you can draw from this meme, 1 being that monetary compensation is not the only driving factor, 2 being that useful labour is externalised

@alex Besides, it's just as useful to make the same point to say "firefighters," or really any public service, because it's not like government services are done for profit...

@alex unless the meme creator is implicitly taking the position that being compensated at all for labor is "profit." That's cringe, bro.

@lawremipsum the combination of the other three things in the meme leads me to believe it is all cringe

@alex I would be fine with taking money from Minecraft players

@firescotch also, uh, the horrible man who made Minecraft lives in a real giant mansion

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