Ooh I wanna woo ya, to Jamaica, Bahama, come on pretty mama

Ending this Friday strong with a Romanian Vending Machine Poltergeist

"As the shopper passes in front of the shelf, our motion sensor activates the device and the product becomes animated.

In the same time, a powerful led is casting light on the product. But that’s not all! The product even speak to the shopper, delivering a promotional voice message, or playing music. Yes, you can even make the product dance to the rhythm."

Oh no, oh no no no

You know what else is rude? Telling New York Times opinion writers to go fuck themselves. But I can still do it!

I'm... concerned about the tube placement on this ghostbuster transformer

Electric word, "life": it means forever, and that's a mighty long time. But I'm here to tell you there's something else: AN OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED PRINCE GIF DIRECTORY ORGANIZED BY ALBUM giphy.com/prince

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Dill wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, just hearts, no chocolate

Okay, I think I've got my CUBE MOOD board figured out, let me know what vibe you'd get if you saw these things on a new coworker's desk:

Dill is not sure about these dachshund beauty standards.

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Is this acceptable cube decor or are there more normal ways to represent that I’m from Toronto

Check out my new instance, bofill.lol, for fans of 80s r&b singer Angela Bofill. Wait, hold on

The sheet music illustrator for "I'm A Little Teapot" invented dabbing

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