This classic Ryan Q. North tweet should absolutely be considered a companion text to this thread.

Ok, now Dill says it’s goodnight, already.

When I’m nogged up, that’s the real me.

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Everyone’s talking about dog orb, but have you considered dog totem?

I know a lot of people are knocking the New York Times right now, but at this very moment, this is the sort of hard-hitting, well-developed, and innovative journalism that we all need:

Having trouble coming up with proper nouns for the D&D campaign you’re DMing? Trying using a password vault app like 1Password’s English word password generator!

There’s a guy in the middle of the park wearing a white trench coat and playing Careless Whisper on the tenor sax. It’s 30 degrees out.

I do this all day: *gestures vaguely around my workspace, unclear what I’m referring to*

So he can do this:

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Still bummed I had to go to work in this yesterday. 🌨️ :printersrow: 🌨️

Repping in coffee form this morning.

Adventures in gendered products. I'm so puzzled by the existence of this "audio interface for girls" that I might actually like it? It's like one of those rake things where it goes from being funny to unfunny to even funnier than before as you read about it.

Hey Firefox, I appreciate this personification of content blockers as "a giant woman, dabbing in flip-flops"

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