If you were curious, I did not win the sheep painting by my great-great-great grandfather; someone sniped me by $1 with one second remaining so I didn't have time to up my bid. :(

I did, however, just get this boss rug for $35. :)

dog ec 

Let's see what the guy from the show "The League" who lied about being at 9/11 is up to. Oh. Oh no

Larry blocked me, but for everyone else, here are some pictures of coveting, then enjoying, some 'gurt


complaining about lazy tech reporting (apple), text block screenshot 

Our front yard has this glorious white fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus). It smells so gooooood

Sorry for being offline this past week, the movers just arrived and I will be as they unpack

Excited to pull off all this terrible wallpaper to get at that sweet horsehair plaster under

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