Happy Father’s Day, dads! Home improvement over here with my own pa, removed this weird, ugly tree growing right up against our foundation.

rocketman, no spoilers 

rocketman, not really spoilers 

Maybe Canadians are still allowed to marry American women

last time the spammer was here he challenged me to a fight, which i accepted, and then he never responded. fight me coward

@franciecashman @Pixley I had seen these posts months ago but I guess they finally caught up to my voluminous list of instance blocks

@Pixley there’re bots posting a link to a website called “women are stupid dot site” about how you should not marry an American woman

What is the bot stance on Pretending We’re Married, a la Prince (m.youtube.com/watch?v=KXkCtFo4), or for that matter, being pronounced Chuck and Larry?

Sorry for the grammatical errors in this post, it has a lot of tenses

First they came for the users who legally married an American woman, is having a child with her, and bought a house with her, and I blocked them, because I did all three of those things

rocketman, no spoilers, lewdish 

rocketman, no spoilers 

Thought about upvoting Mastodon 2.9 on ProductHunt but I was distracted by the hot new products "Wheelchairs" and "Remington RM1025P Ranger 10-Inch" instead

The Fediverse's Number One ProductHunt Expert Says Do Not Seek Validation From ProductHunt

@Gargron Eugen, you don't want the approval of ProductHunt, which brought us things like "the app that you pay to divide meals into smaller meals" and "bitcoin, but for game of thrones"

Almost 22 weeks pregnant and yes I have a half eaten stick of butter in my purse.

rocketman, not really spoilers 

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