Who's the lead singer of Billy Joel? Guy's got a rockin' voice

and just like my real house, there are messy rooms you are NOT allowed to see if you come over

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You all raised over $300 to feed hungry people hurt by the pandemic. I know it wasn't an easy time to give—everyone I know's pockets are looking a little thin these days, and lots of mutual aid is happening on here as well, which I appreciate.

Thank you for tolerating my self-promotion and I hope you enjoy these playlists; scroll back and enjoy each one knowing that they were created for lovely charitable donations.



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when you CC'd on some shit that's not your problem 

@FirstProgenitor for a second i thought it said sturgeon and I started to have a meltdown

guilt by association? yeah I guess i admit I love "Along Comes Mary"

@jimpjorps have you seen the extremely problematic clip of them on the smothers brothers

We've ordered something called a "bapron" for the baby's meal training (it's a bib + apron), but my brain just does 🅱️apron every time

Cory Booker’s poem about the coronavirus 

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