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I tried to make a Bruno Mars joke by putting 24lbs of carrots in my online grocery order and taking a screenshot but they wouldn't let me put that many carrots in my cart. I assume that's to preserve the spinal health of the order fulfillers.

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I’m seeing Thom Yorke tonight at the Chicago Theatre and also I’ve never heard a solo Thom Yorke song. Where should I start?

People who use @PixelFed—are there *any* iOS apps that support it yet, even in beta?

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What idiot called it "space cowboy" and not Emmylou Garrus?

I dread the day I'll hear about a project I backed on the Your Kickstarter Sucks podcast. The one I'm referring to above is already on the ShittyKickstarters reddit.

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What's the German word for the anxiety caused by a yet-to-ship Kickstarter that had poorly-reviewed units sent to press but promises that those kinks have been worked out? derkickenstartendread?

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One of these days I’m going to watch Empire and Chicago Fire on 5x speed so I can see my neighborhood all gussied up.

Good morning! Today I have this classic Chicago problem: I can’t use my building’s elevator because Chicago Fire is filming in our lobby.

Kalona Organic Classic Eggnog—heavy nutmeg flavor, not too thick. Maybe too much nutmeg??????

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Hey folks, I'd love if you could attend HELLCAB at the Raven! It's the Gritty Chicago Theater™ Christmas show you've been looking for, and you'd be supporting me and my awesome, talented friends. Also tickets are PAY WHAT YOU CAN!

As a ten-year-old, I would see stickers and shirts at Hot Topic with an image of a 45 adapter on them and I thought it was a sex thing.

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