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My favorite music genre? Probably indie folk. Gotta be indie, sick of all that major label, mainstream folk clogging the airwaves

When my wife and I were dating, I told her that each episode of the show "Bones" was about a different bone in the human body, but that the show had been on for so long that they had to move on to dog bones

What does it look like to be trapped inside a glass box? Inquiring mimes want to show.

Zac Efron's teflon cavern is probably my favorite palindrome.

The sheet music illustrator for "I'm A Little Teapot" invented dabbing

A period-accurate version of the dance scene of Captain America where they're all doing "I'm A Little Teapot"

Sure, we call them "The Greatest Generation," but your grandparents also went apeshit for the "I'm A Little Teapot" dance craze* in 1941 so we all have our baggage

*a real thing

Good morning!

"Sherlock Holmes is a very logical man full of curiosity, Thanks to the development of technology we live in a world of information. People of 21 century are curious, intellectual, and logical. The project aims the next Holmes generation of consumers who want to express their unique individuality as an intellectual person."

So begins the introduction to the "Holmes Pipe," a product design concept for a vape that looks like an old pipe

My wife has informed me I need to stop talking about Cursed Marketing Photo so I’ll scrounge up fresh hell later!

The amount of denial I’m getting about this in my mentions is staggering. It can’t be a reflection—the poses are different.

It’s not just people who look similar—the shirts are identical.

Submit to yourself the reality that two of the models appear in the same photo twice, I guess because they didn’t cast enough people to fill the bar scene?

Follow @Pixley for white-knuckling through the New York Times

Follow @alex for Eldritch

Why are only these two duplicated?

Why didn’t they change shirts??

Us (2019, dir. Jordan Peele)

If my arrows are not clear:

The person at the start of the arrow is also the person at the end of the arrow, and it's messed up; they're even wearing the same clothes

I was going to make a dumb joke about the nonsensical motion blur until I realized THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE, WHAT THE FUCK

In this image from the Tunity™️ website, a group of millennials can be seen with a giant bluetooth speaker, which they brought to a bar to use with Tunity™️ on a paired iPhone or Android device to hear what's on the TV that's directly in front of them

Today's thing I'm losing my mind over is "Tunity", the app that lets you point your phone at a muted TV and start hearing the audio in your headphones

(To the tune of "Smokin' In The Boys Room) 🎤 🎶 Pronouns in the bio🎶

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