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inviting suitors from miles around to punch me in the face

My Mac is trying to practice singer-songwriter erasure and overload my brain with Gamer Thrones content

"Quasimodo" implies the existence of a full and/or semimodo

Making a mental list of people who say "coke" outside of the Atlanta metro area...... y'all on notice

yeah, I'm a rock music fan, I like chunky riffs and soaring solos and turgid bass and boner drums

God gave rock and roll to you/put in your holes for you

Eve loves to toot "John Lennon" with no context, classic boomer

Diplo's 2004 trip-hop album is still good and I wish he had stayed in that zone

Shout out to the cent symbol. ¢, you crazy bastard, no one in this country uses you for any reason ever

real estate 

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