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Yes I have synthpop lyrics engraved on my wedding ring and yes I vote

@selontheweb In sensitive America we go "Downtown" by Majical Cloudz

Chicken Nugget dinner meal feels so good… in my tumby? It's more likely than you think

eye contact 

I wish “The Krassensteins Ran An Ouya Forum” was one of those sentences that included every letter in the alphabet

@alex boogie nights is a good movie, mesmerizing at times. I can’t ever look away from the drug deal gone wrong scene

I like Tampopo, though. That's on criterion I think

Honestly, for me, film is just one of those things I have decided I will not have time to get into. I like popcorn movies and name-brand auteurs like Scorsese and PT Anderson. I have never seen an Orson Welles, I have never seen a Kurosawa

srsly tho, it's pretty rad

(HO is Home Office, the people who apparently found that guy and got him fired, and are also apparently spreading BS about unions)

apparently someone got doxxed and fired for their pro-union stance, and now /r/walmart is flooded with pro-Union memes

Can it be? Reddit has done something,, good??

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