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Starting a Patreon to pay for Karen's crunchyroll subscription

Beyond "west Virginia is in the midwest" and "1715 in Russia cannot be sung to the TMNT theme" the *actual* thing people have gotten angriest at me about on this web site is not allowing "dads" of pets on the dad instance. Like, no one gives a shit that I am firmly on the side of "any or no gender can be a dad" but people pop off when I say that having a cat does not make you a parent

I am going to avoid trailers for spoilers. I am going to change my display name to "#1 The Anarchists vs. Isis Stan" and, as is the way of the universe

Offlline is called the "Sneakernet" because it STINKS

*buckcherry voice*
Hey, you’re an old ass bitch
On mastodon that’s a prison guard sitch

as a younger user of mastodon I was wondering whether someone would be able to explain to me, perhaps via simile, the experience of being an old ass bitch on this site

If I am not the center of attention on this website for at least 10 minutes every two hours, I will wither up and die

@wandrew I love superfudge. "take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got"

Jimbo. Pip. Jughead. Grungus. Just a few more people join! DM me if u #shidded today

PSA for fellow men me, it is a great story and I trust greta gerwig. I emailed greta gerwig, please make a little women movie, and shoot it in my parents town. it worked. now we are friends

💃 there is now a moms instance, too 💃 

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