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Junk mail is a great way to preserve the mystique and cachet of your secret society.

pokemon masters 

phone games, pokemon 

there was a very good piece in the nytimes magazine recently about collecting copies of 1 book, and I think I would do that for Dune. it has very good covers (images from

Sun's all prickly on my neck
When the helicopter passes, we both hit the deck
Hands grasping and groping
Seizing opportunity right where it lies
The sky will fall, we will rise

Nextdoor update: Janet has redeemed herself by pointing out that the hour of the bells is correct for Daylight Savings, so they must have some ability to set them

Can someone check on Felix from Chapo and tell me if he's ok, re: the juul pod ban

I think the bells are CHARMING. I like them. I just want them to INDICATE THE TIME

I think the real life Elite Four would be like, Terry Crews (psychic), that astronaut who wore the diapers to confront her lover (fairy), chef Eric Ripert (steel), and Rod Blagoyevich (ghost)

Good afternoon from Dill, the sun baked sweet potato.

I left them a voicemail. I did leave the possibility open that it was on purpose. I did not leave my last name

I have decided I am going to call the church in the center of my town and demand to know why their clock, and thus bell-ringing, is 8 minutes fast

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