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@ponfarr @ponfarr i thought the timestamp said 15m not 15h my bad

who will be the first mastodon poster on Cameo

in honor of this weekend (Great Backyard Bird Count) please tell me the coolest bird you have seen from your own window or yard

@melissasage two months pass, and you're commissioning art of your cobsona

"im not a furry! im not a furry!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob

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someone gave my funny comment reddit silver so yeah I'm changing my bio to say "Hollywood eventually"

if someone held a door open for me I would simply thank them while walking through it, keeping my hands at my sides

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something that is wrong with my brain is that anytime I'm holding a door open for someone and they touch or gently push on the door as they walk through, I take this as an implication that I am too weak to hold it open. I do not know why I think this, but I have always felt this way

you can't fool me "Franchemontiaux", or should I say... French Montana

Amazon's PR campaigns
keep blowing up
In the company's

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ffxiv, big reddit post 


ma pol, electoralism 

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ma pol, electoralism 

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