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i have seen this meme about five times on fedi over the last two years and i cringe every time, it is not a good or cool thing that volunteer fire departments have to exist

I think I've told this story before but years ago I saw Ratatat on 4/20 in Boston and everyone was so ready for the *goood viiiibes* and then the opener was BLACK PUS, the solo project of the drummer from Lightning Bolt, so it was an hour of extremely punishing noise rock minus the one instrument in LB that produces melody, so everyone was sober by the time Ratatat hit

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the new slideshow UI on kinja sites is officially the end of me visiting kotaku and jalopnik. rip

For the master's steely knives will never dismantle the master's chambers, they can't even kill the beast

i cannot stop giggling at this Very Serious Photo of simon pegg in the new movie Inheritance

Power went out before I made my first cup of coffee, but I am equipped for this situation

inspired by the Relationships.txt post Karen just posted—henri was born last halloween. when did they turn 4 months old?

@Pixley are you able to find that relationships.txt thing you posted about the month anniversary

i used to draw a lot in felt tip and then ❌friendship ended with felt tips❌ but now friendship with felt tips is back on baby

Who calculates a month as 5 weeks

I mean, I know who because I just got off the phone with them



me singing 

maybe someone will appreciate this lullaby more than a deeply unhappy six month old

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