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I've found one place I really like that's $1895. Oof. It has laundry and a garden, but no parking.

My roommate's girlfriend moves in this summer and I've gotta find a new place. I'm thinking about living by myself again, but as I look around at places and prices, I feel like I'm living in Seattle again.

I commissioned beautiful new :bean: and :flag: emoji from @dzuk; these ones should be more easily viewable in different apps and themes.

oh dear god it's cold. Fuck it's cold. It's so fucking cold. It's so cold that when I got back inside, it hurt to breath.

Stay warm people!

We haven't gotten a lot of snow this year. I went and saw The Favoruite with some friends last night and glad I got to enjoy some snow on the train station platform.

A friend of mine was in the city this week for work. We had dinner tonight and I took us to Pizzanos, because I think it's way better than Pequod's. I've never tried Lou Malnati's. I had one friend from Portland who said she hated it. I introduced her and her boyfriend to Malört, so now I guess they have two things they hate about :flag:

Anyway, friend who's currently in town: I saw her and her husband when I lived in 🇳🇿, and we met up in 🇩🇪 . We've hung out in 5 different cities, in 3 countries

I'm speaking at the Ruby meetup tonight for those of you who are interested in Ruby, Docker or Infrastructure.

A photo from a year ago this month, when I first came to Chicago.

Listening to a Richard Stallman talk at the Illinois Institute of Technology

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