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Federal workers are returning to The Loop, bringing much-needed business back to Downtown restaurants.

After propane tank explosions, Ald. Cappleman pushed to clear Uptown tent cities — but the city says no.

Chicagoans said goodbye to Dinkel's, the bakery that became much more: "Dinkel's was one of those institutions we could point to that gave us a sense of having real, deep roots in a place. It's part of how we can say, ‘We're from here. We're Chicagoan.’”

Latino Chicagoans have seen their life expectancy drop by more than seven years since 2012 — the steepest decline among any racial and ethnic group in the city.

Lincoln Park Uncorked, an annual wine stroll along Armitage Avenue and Halsted Street, returns this month.

Older residents have been targeted during recent burglaries on the Far Northwest Side, police said.

Lori Lightfoot to potential mayoral challengers: Bring it on.

"What I want the voters to ask themselves is: Think about what we’ve been through. Think about what all of us have had to sacrifice. Then ask yourself, who's up for the job? I know I am."

Mayor Lightfoot blamed Whole Foods' prices for the Englewood store's failure and pledged to replace it.

With wealthy neighborhoods turning to armed private security, questions have been raised about their accountability.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she's "concerned": “We don’t want to have a circumstance where public safety is only available to the wealthy."

The Andersonville Farmers Market will make its seasonal debut May 11 with 30 local vendors and weekly live entertainment.

You can enter antique train cars, control a simulated locomotive and more at Pullman Railroad Days.

Lincoln Square neighbors rallied for an affordable housing proposal amid a parking-fueled debate: "The community is ready."

RT @madisonsavedra: I asked public health officials and community organizers to break down the issues leading to this harsh drop in life ex…

West Side youth boxing club The Bloc got a $1 million grant: "There's just this new sense of possibility."

Federal workers are returning to The Loop, bringing much-needed business back to Downtown restaurants.

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