Two days of sunshine in a row? In this economy?

The ground is like a giant bowl of breakfast cereal in milk left on the counter for a few hours.

I have been waiting for these for years. If you love Chicago, you will want these.

Awaiting my humanitarian award for clearing the storm drain on my corner again after the village fails to do so again.

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Everything outside is dripping and messy as hell, and I love it.

Metra rant 

If there's one reliable thing in Chicago, it's that the commute via :metra: during winter is unreliable.

I see strong twilight at 17:35 Central time in Chicago. We are climbing out of the hole.

Mastodon drama is bumming me out. It's my fault for tricking myself into thinking people just won't stop being people no matter the platform. Eugen needs to focus on tools to make moderation better and easier and marginalization of users harder, but admins/mods need to accept that the work of moderation is intractable.

This is Latte, a Corgi mix. She and her sister were thrown from a moving car in Kentucky and survived. A Good Samaritan soon rescued them and sought emergency care. Treasured Friends Animal Rescue placed them with a wonderful foster family in Mokena, where Latte lived until last night.

Everything about this infographic is awful, but WGN-TV's meteorologists are very good at making these.

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You know it's gonna be bad when the meteorologist has to whip out a polar-centric map to explain the positioning of air masses.

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Hello, I would like to complain about the next two weeks of Chicago weather.

I am pedantic about snow removal. I don't like driving around with any substantial snow on the car's roof, so I spent extra time brushing that off. I also spent extra time on the ends of the sidewalk on the busier street (reminder: we live on a corner). The condos to the east always create a snow bank, and the plows always create a snow bank on the opposite end. We also have a fire hydrant on the corner, and our village doesn't use flags to tag those in a snow bank, so I keep it clear.

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Cleared sidewalks and driveway and brushed off both cars in under 90 minutes this morning. This would take less time if I didn't live on the northeast corner of an intersection. Village plows are always dropping off big presents on my driveway apron.

So, Indiana's toll system is at least a decade behind Illinois, but they point and laugh at us because they've presented in front of any lowballing corporation?

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