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"Building more housing will just further commodify housing, which should be held in common!"

Matt Bruenig thanks you for your contribution.

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Okay, new rule. Every time someone tells me we shouldn't do anything about housing costs until after we seize the means, I'm going to donate five dollars to The Neoliberal Project.

I just want a small, light colored laptop case that doesn't act insecure about its femininity.

The thing about praying the rosary during a daily mass is you do not have to be there. If you don't want to pray the mass, you can not pray the mass from anywhere.

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Wordle 330 5/6


As a functional programmer for a central bank, I should have done better.

going to give Mother's Day roses to all the homilists who understand that women were not forced into the workplace and that actually it was a hard-fought victory.

new 30 day PR on the Zwift Jungle Loop, dead last among other riders. Pls clap.

My bots are broken, I know. Currently reckoning with the fact that Block Club tweets a friggin lot. Currently exploring options.

The sirensong of creating a Chicago chapter of Rehumanize International grows ever stronger.

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Oh I guess to explain this cultural reference, I'll have to explain to you who Pippin is

Okay, let me back up

I'll also have to explain what The Lord of the Rings is

Okay, let me back up

A "pint" is an old-timey unit used to measure liquid volume

Actually never mind, just believe me when I tell you that this is both funny and culturally relevant and I'm cool okay?

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Lincoln Square neighbors rallied for an affordable housing proposal amid a parking-fueled debate: "The community is ready."

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"To improve security, rotate your passwords frequently"
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Generally, I'm against "anti-normieism": the notion that the Fediverse should stay out of the hands of the average person.

I find such attitudes elitist, and unhelpful to the core problem: centralized social media is destroying society.


Breathing exercises can be helpful for preventing panic attacks, but someone already in the worst part of one cannot necessarily control their breathing. Further, repeatedly trying and failing a breathing exercise is itself incredibly stressful and can even worsen an ongoing attack. None of this means a panicking person is willfully "not engaging" with you.

Anyway, I think I blacked out for a few minutes but sometimes I wish the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline weren't so harsh.

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Irrawaddy dolphins playing in the Mekong River. In Thai, they are called "alms bowl dolphins" because of their round little heads.

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Offering my services to translate server rules from English to Spanish

DM me to talk prioces based off length of doc

#admin #feditip

Me: "Hello, I am looking for planter pots."

Etsy: "We have some shaped like boobs!"


Etsy: "We have pages and pages of them! They're *so* funny."


Etsy: "The joke is boobs."

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Etsy should have an age filter so I can tell it I'm too young and innocent to see anatomically shaped crafts even though the reason why I hate them is I'm not a child.

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Land & Lake is opening an eatery this summer inside the spot that used to be home to Fountainhead, a popular Ravenswood restaurant.

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