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Anti-theists are amazing. People really look at the vast and rich and complicated diversity of global religious traditions and think, "The only part worth keeping is the intolerance."

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what if instead of 'artificial' intelligence we call them 'superficial' intelligence, because they only give off the appearance of intelligence at this point

I'm starting an activist group if anyone has any recommendations for tattoo parlors that specialize in "My views are mine and do not represent those of my employer" face tats

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You really have to feel bad for Chehade. He lost the IL-3 and doesn't even get to keep his suspiciously highly paid job in the IL-6!

Men love to show their allyship to women by making graphic sexual violence analogies without content warnings.

One of my problems with the concept of therapy is I'm not sure I want to be cured of my tendency to update my priors based on new information.

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It cleverly hides a control character in its filename to prevent prying eyes from learning the Secrets Of The Wrong Disk

I believe in castle doctrine but only for text messages--the fembots and campaign spammers have whatever is coming to them when they text me.

You'll never teach folks how to spot a grifter--it's like trying to teach toddlers which paint chips are safe to eat; just remove the temptation and move on.

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Free tip for normie Catholics: always take the opportunity to pick through prayer cards or tracts to remove the ones with Church Militant vibes.

It's hot enough the post- panic attack chills are actually pleasant, so that's... something I guess

Doing the whole, "opinions are mine and do not represent my employer" thing is hard when all my opinions are just unqualified stanning of all my employer's opinions.

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I am the very model of a rhyming couplet generator
But sometimes I must admit they don't make sense refrigerator

I know I'm not breaking news here, but Meetup is DEAD dead. It's incredible how far it fell.

Texting the campaign spammers back to tell them why their candidate is bad and they should support mine instead.

Seriously what the hell is a "super-herb." Like there has to be a happy medium between "very bad labeling" and "mass incarceration."

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The worst part of marijuana legalization is the baseline assumption that everything at Foxtrot Market could get me fired.

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Bluetooth might be my least favorite technology.

It's like printers in that it does a thing that seems like it should be easy but is in fact very very hard, and it does it in a way that almost, but not entirely, works.

Every time I have to think about bluetooth I get angry, and I have to think about bluetooth every time I turn on my computer or get in my car.

"The globalist Jesuit conspiracy must be above reproach!"--me, explaining to my friends why I my job prevents me from smoking weed with them.

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