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Just happened to be making tacos for dinner & found out Chicago Abortion Fund is holding their annual Tacos or Beverage challenge for the next 2 weeks (though tbh any time is a good time to eat a taco and support repro justice)

Rules are simple: eat a taco, drink a beverage, donate to your local abortion fund


found via Grassroots Collaborative on Twitter: Brighton Park Neighborhood Council is also collecting donations (either $ or clothes/other necessities) for asylum seekers who got bused here from Texas


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that moment when you're troubleshooting an issue that's got you stumped, you finally go ask for help from someone who's more knowledgeable about it, and they are also stumped

it's both validating and also "oh no this is going to be even harder than I thought"

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Collaborative for Community Wellness is holding a week of action to push for public mental health clinics & non-police crisis response. They've got a page on their website where you can contact the relevant alders:


just saw Chicago gov has put up a page of info for how to volunteer/donate items to help out people that are getting sent here on Abbott's buses


since I stopped spending so much time on Twitter I feel like I'm very out of the loop on certain things, apparently Chicago hosted both a scifi con and a socialism con this weekend (and both even had virtual options!) and I didn't hear about either of them until they're pretty much over

me going over to peek at my onions every hour or so to see how they're doing

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trying to learn to garden despite having no outdoor space and only north-facing windows... I planted the ends of some green onions on my windowsill yesterday evening, and they are already visibly growing back past the cut edge!! very promising :)

solution for global warming: someone invent a device that pulls heat out of the air and applies it directly to my lower back

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cramps anytime are awful but in summer they're the worst. it's already unpleasantly hot out, and now I have to lie on a heating pad on full power because it's one of the only things that keeps the pain at a manageable level. bleh

went for a short walk and it was Too Hot outside, but also I saw the tiniest chihuahua I've ever seen, so on balance I guess it was worth it

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those grand fresh-water seas of ours,—Erie, and Ontario, and Huron, and Superior, and Michigan,—possess an ocean-like expansiveness, with many of the ocean’s noblest traits

anti-abortion jerks 

opened up the news and immediately there's a story about some people who vandalized a local church with an abortion access sign. 😡 I walked by that sign recently, it's nice to see faith leaders being vocal about repro justice issues. glad they're not backing down on their support. the church is holding a standout for abortion access on Sept 4 in response.


cops, racism 

and apparently the same officer previously helped orchestrate a harassment campaign against a teacher for expressing support for blm protests. why am I not surprised?


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