nooo, my gameplay isn't syncing correctly! Glad I noticed before I got too far on my PC, will boot up my Switch again to see if I can get it to upload -- I suspect that is the case.

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So, don't tell anybody, but we're going to announce Palm Pilot emulation in the browser at Internet Archive in the next week or so. I've still got to get descriptions in for the hundreds of apps that are uploaded, and add a few more classics. But if you want to help with that, or just let me know how it's going, ping me here.

But don't tell anybody! It's a secret!

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"This is the overwhelming logic of capital: capital exists to increase capital, and the underlying mechanism for that increase is irrelevant" - the Emperor has no clothes , and you're paying to look at him... from @pluralistic
#capitalism #finance #politics #thinking

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Love this quote.

"There's something oddly comforting about the idea that "if you're not paying for the product, you're the product," namely, the corollary: "If you can afford to pay for a product, you won't be the product." But it's bullshit. Companies don't make you the product because you don't pay – they make you the product because you can't stop them."

Cory Doctorow, @pluralistic

and I just configured my toots to delete after 3 months. it's good getting back into owning my digital footprint

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deleting tweets older than a year, boy it feels liberating

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Quick guide to http status codes

1xx wait a sec
2xx there you go
3xx fuck off
4xx fuck you
5xx fuck

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When faced with a large problem that feels overwhelming, break it down and focus on the single best next step you can take.

Set realistic goals, take one incremental step at a time and you'll get there.

Illustration credit: Liz Fosslien

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Them: "Mastodon is hard to use."
Me: _gets started easily_

Them: "The #fediverse is fragmented - hard to find anyone."
Me: _easily finds many folks here I know or enjoy_

Them: "It's just white male tech nerds"
Me: _discovers fairly robust presence of non-white, non-male folks_

Them: "It's set up so it's antiviral"
Me: _sees more interest in my thoughts here than ever on the birdsite_

Them: "Local servers are like isolated islands."
Me: _finds a canoe to explore archipelago_

Tired: crusading against cryptic project names and abbreviations as they are inherently exclusive. unless the thing is explicitly and immediately defined, it implicitly assumes the reader knows what it means. if you aren’t already part of the in-group using the term it’s a barrier to effectively joining the conversation

Wired: unique project names and abbreviates make it clear what the term refers to, you get knowledge in-groups no matter what

Inspired: lol mathematics go brrrrr

It’s been back for about an hour, still no updates from Xfinity 🙃

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Half of web users are running ad blockers.

With your support and help, we can get that number higher.

apparently they’re upgrading infra but it’s not supposed to start until next week

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I signed up for text alerts even though they historically tell me my Internet is back an hour late or not at all

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This remarkable admission was after Meta had an internal team conduct a yearlong review of its data uses. That internal review was unable to detail what user data sits in 149 systems within Meta, who uses them, why, or much else.

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