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For your optimistic-nihilist reading pleasure, a poem: The Sweet Relief of Stardust Futures

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I just contributed to Mastodon on Open Collective.

With the massive influx of users from Twitter, they're going to need our help. Building a quality social media platform doesn't happen for free. A huge thank-you to all who have bent their backs to create a viable alternative to the Twitter monolith.

If you give a Nazi mouse a Cranach, they’re going to want a Rembrandt. Pictured, an American servicemen with a 15 century statue of Eve, three Cranachs and three Rembrandts amongst the looted art treasures on exhibition at a former Luftwaffe barracks near Konigsee.

Kingfisher pic I took the other day that I thought you might enjoy, @subtraho , given your profile photo

Has anyone made a list of #misinformation researchers here on #Mastodon? I’d also like to connect with anyone involved with media literacy! #science #socialscience #psychology #sociology #education

Significant step forward for self-driving cars:

"The permit allows Waymo to give rides in its autonomous vehicles (AVs) without any driver in the vehicle, but it does not allow Waymo to charge for these rides."

That'll change before long, no doubt.

If hydrogen power requires that we extract hydrogen from water via electrolysis, won't it use up our fresh water, making it unsustainable? Fascinating discussion of why this is mostly not a concern.

For your optimistic-nihilist reading pleasure, a poem: The Sweet Relief of Stardust Futures

Lovely article by @zoesqwilliams about her journey from Twitter to Mastodon. It really is.

But I feel it needs a corrective.

It's not called the Fediverse because Mastodon is comprised of many servers.

It's called the Fediverse because there's literally a universe of federated protocols, apps, instances, and tools that talk to each other.

Mastodon is just one of those apps. There's also Pixelfed, Peertube, Misskey, etc.

Frustrating to arrive at SFO and discover the BART trains depart 30 minutes apart, at 9pm on a weeknight. I'm spoiled living along the Blue Line in

I would expect the price of food to climb as a result, and crop yields to decline as less experienced farmers take over and investors sit on unused land for the purpose of prospecting.

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Capitalism in Agriculture 

The average worker in the US is 41.7 years old. The average FARMER is is 57.5. (!)

Meanwhile, the price of farmland is hitting record highs, as investors snap up as much as they can get of the 1% of farmland that comes up for sale each year.

This seems like a dangerous trend, with older farmers motivated to sell, young farmers priced out, and investors competing to extract as much rent as possible.

I built this tool a year ago but I feel like Mastodon folks would like it

The "Weird Old Book Finder"

Type in a search query, and it'll find one randomly-chosen public-domain book that matches the query -- and present it for immediate reading:

Why only one book? To prevent the paradox of choice! Just *start readin'*

Can't promise every book will be weird, but most are

A longer essay on how/why I developed it:

This was a search for "mastodon"

My favorite high school teacher (European History & English) parted with his vinyl collection some years ago, giving it all to a classmate of mine, who then passed on all the Steely Dan albums to me. Taking it out of the sleeve, dropping the needle, hearing the warmth and wear, I feel a connection to a younger version of the man who was already in his forties when I first sat in his classroom — a connection I can't imagine getting any other way.

Electoral Politics 

@jentaub this should make Warnock’s run off easier, too. It’s one thing to hold your nose and vote for Walker when control of the senate is on the line. If that’s already a foregone conclusion, it sort of removes the urgency for republicans.

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