Making homemade Furious Spoon with a ramen packet, some hardboiled eggs, and a whole bunch of pepper flakes

Can anyone point me towards a good local charity for donating winter coats? I assume that will be a thing this time of year

@jgarfink I take solace in people (eventually) realizing the first one was bad

I’ve seen more skunks this last week than the rest of my life put together. But this one didn’t quite cross the road 😫


@alex Spider-man looks great, but I'm gonna be neck deep in Dragon Quest for at least a few weeks

I am also announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Chicago

If you go to a Sox game this month, check out the Negro League Beisbol Exhibition at the Sports Depot store. Some underrepresented history there

@derek you made it farther than I did! I stopped buying the dvds after season 10 so those years are real fuzzy

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