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I have been on Mastodon since August 2018. As both - which became my main - and as

But with Mastodon.Technology shutting down I redirected it to Mastodon.Social.

But I found Social a little bit much, so followed some mutuals to; a much smaller instance, and that seems to suit me just fine.

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Time for a re

- I'm a remote tech consultant; , QA, , Service
- I work at, for non-profits
- I love watching movies; not just sci-fi
- I've got a spouse; we have a teen
- I make family breakfasts on weekdays
- I share space with 2 ; 100% opposites, each 100% cat
- I , mostly pie, including sourdough
- I'm in ; during winter you'll find me inside
- I work on occasional projects
- I track my reading at

Cat eye contact 

Went and got some mystery from the gaming café in the neighborhood. They get a ton of popular games, wrap them up in brown paper, give a basic description, and (discounted!) price. I grabbed two, and then two other small ones for the road.

If you are in , check out

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Hilarious protip for dealing with request by email from unethical boss to do something unethical: forward it to security as a suspected phishing attempt.

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I went to Dave's Records on Clark Street yesterday. He's closing the shop because the building owner is tearing it down, and he wants to go out with a bang. All used #vinyl is 50% off and all new vinyl is buy one/get one at 50% off. Says he's going to stay open until around December 5. #Chicago record enthusiasts, don't sleep on this--there's still a ton of amazing music available!

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Senior pets Friday: a 16 year old cat (Mila) greeting me this morning, and a 14 year old dog (Cookie) running up the stairs at top speed.

They don’t know they’re old.

#catsofmastodon #dogsofmastodon

#cats #dogs

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Every day I see more and more evidence of society descending into utter lawlessness and chaos.

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Some of you know I used to work on dams in Scotland to make sure they aren’t going to kill everyone and I’ve just learned #Andor features the first one I ever worked on. Hello Cruachan!

Behind the scenes shots like this are so weird to see when you know the location haha

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This On the Media podcast series on right-wing radio is a *must-listen*. Wow.

“Conspiracy theories and disinformation have found a home on right-wing talk radio, where falsehoods often escape scrutiny from regulators and fact-checkers. On this week’s On the Media, hear how one Christian radio network grew a gargantuan audience and served up the Big Lie.
@onthemedia #DividedDial #radio

Eye contact - through sun glasses 

I gave my picture to an AI to process, and the results show it REALLY wants me to wear big dark glasses.

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Today on Black Friday is the perfect day to sue the state over its insufficient climate policies.

So that’s what we did.

See you in court!

#Aurora #ClimateTrials #UprootTheSystem

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@evan @markallerton @ks

The best thing to do to "counter" this coming centralization is super easy to do, but from my short time observing here, it won't happen:

1. There should be stricter criteria for an instance being listed on "join Mastodon." Insufficient moderation gets you de-listed. Handle cynical false reports.

2. It should be easier for a new admin to just check a box and opt-in to a whitelisted federation that excludes the worst instances.

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#Mastodon & I are still trying to figure each other out. So I’m doing what I usually do when I start thinking about “branding” & “content” blahblah—I take a step back & post a picture of my #dog #labrador

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Do you know that Mastodon can be themed?

For example, here's Macstodon -- a Mastodon theme that resembles Classic Mac OS.

It looks beautiful 😍

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You just pin your last tweet, Pete,
Request your archive, Clive,
You don’t need a blue tick, Vic,
Just get yourself free.

Hop on the tusk, Gus,
You don’t need to delete much,
Except your DMs, Jen,
And get yourself free.

Use Debirdify, Di,
Provide some alt tags, Mags,
Add a content warning, Tim,
To post sensitively.

Remember to boost, Ruth
You don't need to deny truth,
Just drop off the perch, Dirk,
And get yourself free.
#VerseThurday #TwitterMigration #FediTips

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"The problem is that the same justices who keep blaming their colleagues and the press and the American public for broad declining trust in the institution seem to have no comprehension of what kinds of behaviors appear to be inappropriate because they actually are inappropriate."
h/t @Dahlialith

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