Today is a day to be thankful for those you hold dear. Remember to always hold them close.

Electronic mail is so confusing. Why do I need to choose a provider and how do I even decide? And once I have an address, how do I find my friends’ addresses and send them letters? Will I only be able to send letters to people using the same provider?

Whether you do Thanksgiving traditionally or you give it your own meaning, it's about the same thing.
Gratitude, family and being together with plenty when it's cold and dark.
Be thankful today, that's all you gotta do.

I've watched 3 games, and do not regularly watch international soccer. I'm surprised at the large amount of flopping and arguing with the refs that is allowed. IMO less tolerance for this would make for a much more watchable game.

Is there a way to change the order of your list on the web interface so that a different "top 4" show up? Can't seem to find a way...


The flight of NASA's Artemis (purple) uses two very close encounters with the moon's gravity (green) to changes its trajectory to get back to the earth (blue.) Amazing.

Happy to see that my US House representative has a presence here:

@SeanCasten @RepCasten

Hopefully more politicians will join the to connect more directly with their constituents.

Should the US gov host an instance for members of government?

Finding more and more users on mastodon using @debirdify. Hopefully the trend continues and folks like Dan Carlin, Adam Grant and others end up coming over too

I've been using #Chromebooks since the start, and it's absolutely astonishing how far these things have come over the past decade.

Equally astonishing is how many people STILL misunderstand #ChromeOS and think it's exactly the same as it was in 2011.

That's why I put this little "quiz" together — to have something to send folks when they ask me if they should use a Chromebook and if it's true that ChromeOS can't do x, y, or z.

Pretty handy. Feel free to use it, too!

@SeanCasten glad to see you here. Hopefully more politicians make their way onto here to support the

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