instance blocks 

browsed the hashtag and grabbed a bunch of instances we hadn't caught up to yet; future blocks will be added to this thread. gab-affiliated harassment pedophilia harassment harassment harassment harassment scraping harassment racism racism racism racism


instance blocks 

added for insufficient moderation. thanks for entering the mentions.

We're gonna be crystal clear here:

If your Code of Conduct doesn't specifically forbid harassment against protected classes, we are going to block your instance.

if your instance *does not have* a Code of Conduct, we are going to block your instance.

It appears a recent pleroma update has broken the links to terms and codes of conduct. Until admins resolve that we're going to assume the worst about your rules (or lack thereof).

Suspensions can be undone if there's reason to.

a previously-unknown nazi instance boosted this post, so I'm adding more blocks as the replies to this account increase.

going ahead and blocking any instance with a "windmill" (swastika) emoji.

so-called "loli" content will be treated as indistinguishable from child pornography for the purposes of moderation.

@moderation >It appears a recent pleroma update has broken the links to terms and codes of conduct. Until admins resolve that we're going to assume the worst about your rules (or lack thereof).
This seems kind of extreme. It would probably be better to send a quick message to their admin(s), telling them their CoC is gone and asking them what it is, like you did with @mewmew earlier - it's very likely that many of them are completely unaware their CoC is gone, and might never even realize they're being blocked just because a bug wiped it out.
@galena @moderation yeah.

Due to the way Pleroma manages that kinda stuff if you don't know what you're doing your ToS can easily get deleted any time you update. I've seen it happen to a lot of instances (including mine lol).
@moderation @galena it is. just the way that works is unintuitive and poorly documented.

particularly, you're supposed to put the file in a separate folder, and leave the basic one as a fallback. but people just modify the basic one which is tracked by Git.

@mewmew @galena anyway, if this policy is extreme, we're tony hawk's underground 2. it's easier and safer than the alternative.

@moderation can you explain to me how the blocking works.

if i federate the block list.
will by instance block other instances?

or is it a list of people who have blocked other people.
i would not block entire instances but i'd be fine if it was individual accounts on instances blocking other individual accounts on other instances.

i might disagree with an opinion but that doesn't mean i want to completely block them out.
@moderation i tried looking up the option in the documentation "Outgoing blocks"
but they don't give a robust description of what the option actually does.

"Whether to federate blocks to other instances"
i'd say (true) to this option if its sharing blocks from other instances to basically respect individuals blocking other individuals
but (false) if its instances blocking other instances
@moderation the tone this person used in writing this message really baffles me.

They're speaking as if they're speaking from a position of authority over everyone on the Fediverse, but they're just some random dipshit on the internet on a power trip.

@moderation So because your instance doesn't have a privacy policy, everyone should assume you're collecting personal information and selling it? Got it :blobthumbsup:

@amolith actually, yes, so thank you for this reminder to implement one ASAP.

@moderation excuse me, but such a criteria is absurd. my instance have no any CoC, ‘cos I’m the only user here. do you really think that I’ll willingly harass anyone just because I did not deny that to myself explicitely in CoC?

@fuzzylynx single-user instances are definitely exempt but it’s helpful if the fact they’re single user is made clear on their homepage

@saetron not going out of our way to find them, don't have enough time or energy for that, but when they show up in the mentions of our users lack of moderation will be considered reason to block

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